Microscopic Endodontics For Root Canal Treatment

Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico Dental

Care 32 takes pride in bringing the highly efficient Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico Dental Microscope for advanced root canal treatment procedures.

OPMI Pico is a compact, high performance and easy to use microscope. It features many innovative functions that optimize the quality of treatment.

The Clinical Benefits of Using Dental Microscope for Root Canal Treatment are:

- Complicated root canals are made easier: Complex treatment of perforations and removal of separated files, posts, calcified canals and other obstructions can be done more successfully and in a conventional manner thus avoiding surgery.
- Retreatment: Increased success during retreatment procedures.
- Increased visual aid: Helps to see the surgical anatomy to locate canals in teeth with different anatomy.
- Diagnosis: Tooth fractures can be easily identified, allowing for early diagnosis.
- Increased accuracy: Precise and accurate treatment is possible due to the increased visual efficiency and wide field of working area with the aid of dental microscopes.