Dr Neemesh Purohit
(Northampton, United Kingdom)

A state of the art, technologically modern dental facility that is patient focused and neither compromises care or affordability. Myself and members of my family have visited Care 32 Dental Centre over the past few years and although nobody really looks forward to going to the dentist, this comes close! You are in good hands with Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia.

Dr Pravin Patel
(United Kingdom)

I had undertaken dental treatment from Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia at Care 32 Dental Centre in Anand 5 years ago. Dr Soham Dholakia has replaced my 8 teeth by dental implants upto now and I have not faced any issues till now after the treatment. I had also gone through root canal with Dr Archana Dholakia. The price was very reasonable and it was very cheaper than the United Kingdom price. I had the best treatment experience with Care 32 Dental Centre and will recommend all my friends and relatives to Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia.

Hiten Patel
(United Kingdom)

A wonderful, caring, professional and smiling place to visit, for treatment of any dental problems, pains or discomfort. All work carried out to the highest standard, such that even an NRI does not need to fly back for any further work. Right first time every time.

Hiren Pandya
(Ex Vice Chancellor, South Gujarat University)

Dear Dr Soham Dholakia,

Now that my dental treatment is successfully completed, it is time to say a word of appreciation and gratitude to you.

I had lost all my teeth, saved 2 in the lower jaw. For several years I tried to manage with dentures, but since my tolerence for dentures was very low, I started toying with the idea of getting whole mouth reconstruction done. By way of due diligence, I consulted several eminent dental implantologists in Gujarat and outside in the country. However, perhaps because of my age (74 years) and also because of the seemingly invasive nature of the procedure involved in the treatment, I was finding it difficult to take a decision. Then, my younger brother Gopal Pandya, who knew you, suggested that I may meet you and fixed an appointment with you on my behalf. I met you, we discussed about the treatment for a considerable length of time, you answered all my queries and allayed all my fears. Thus I decided to go in for the treatment, which invoved putting 8 implants in the upper jaw, 8 implants in the lower jaw and the lifting of the Sinus.

When the treament was to begin, you offered me the options of getting the implants put in 1, 2 or even 4 sittings. I said it all depends on how comfortable or uncomfortable I feel on your chair during the procedure. So, we began at 10:00 AM and when the entire procedure was completed it was 02:30 PM. During this period of nearly 5 hours, I did not experience much pain or discomfort. Even during the rest of the day or the following night I did not have any pain or discomfort. This is a testimony to your hugely skillful but nimble hand.

You took care to ensure that I did not have trouble in food-intake during the period given to the implants to get integrated with the jaw-bones, by making suitable arrangement in my mouth.

During the last 1 sitting, you were worried that certain exposed abutments might hurt their surroundings in the mouth; I told you not to worry as I would be careful. And, your immediate response was - "I have to worry". This says a lot.

I was impressed by your professional commitment, care and concern for your patients.

And, the gracious and warmly pleasant presence of Dr Archana Dholakia, your partner in life and work, in the clinic, contributed in no mean measure in my being at ease during the procedure.

Thank you so much and all the best.

Hiren Pandya

Jay Thaker
(United Kingdom)

Almost 2 years ago, I had tooth trouble. I called the dentist I had been to before and got an appointment.

Before my treatment could begin, the dentist had a fall resulting in a fracture of the leg. I was asked to either wait or seek another dentist.

Asking around, a friend suggested I go to Care 32 Dental Centre.

I am glad I did! The first thing that impressed me was the uncluttered, clean and very pleasant waiting room. Soon, I was to find out that, both Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia were not only competent but also were sticklers for hygiene - 2 factors that sit at top of my priority list.

I had a tooth implant. During the treatment, the husband and wife team came across as very patient, considerate, polite and above all, expert in their field.

The fees were competitive and the follow up visits were pleasant.

Earlier this year, my father had extensive dental treatment done with them and was very satisfied with the result.

My wife plans a visit soon!

This makes Care 32 Dental Centre our 'family dental care centre'!

We all hope Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia continue serving our community for a very long time.

Ranjan Shah
(United Kingdom)

I am pleased to inform that I had done my implants from the best dentist I have ever known uptil now and thats Dr Soham Dholakia at Care 32 Dental Centre.

My experience was - I did not have any pain, but before I say that let me tell you I had no teeth and I was fed up with wearing dentures, so I decided to have implants done, I have 14 implants.

When Dr Soham Dholakia was doing my treatment I did not experience much pain because he took his time and placed the implants very gently, then after 8 months he gave me my teeth which I have it now and I am enjoying the taste of food, I can easily chew any food stuff soft or hard.

After having my implants, I had 3 holidays because now wherever I go I can eat and enjoy.

So if anybody is thinking of having implants I would advise - please go ahead at Care 32 Dental Centre.

Ghanshyam Patel
(United States)

I feel very good and my teeth on implants look very good plus chew prerfectly. Very decent, perfect and very good service at reasonable price.

Madhu Thaker
(Vallabh Vidyanagar)

I am 86. Over the years, I had lost a fair number of teeth. I was reluctant to have them replaced. I saw that Dr Soham Dholakia and Dr Archana Dholakia of Care 32 Dental Centre had done excellent dental work for my son Jay. So I consulted Dr Archana Dholakia.

I was impressed by her professional approach, followed her advice and got the gaps filled with artificial teeth. Today, I have a full set of 32 teeth. That has enabled me to chew my food more efficiently and pronounce my words more clearly.

I thank her of excellent dental work.

Jashma Dudhwala

Treatment done at Care 32 Dental Centre has brought back my confidence. The implanted teeth are very comfortable and I am glad I wont have to lose them with age.

Natu Patel
(Montreal, Canada)

I have done my dental implant from Dr Soham Dholakia. I am quite satisfied with his services without any problem. Dr Soham Dholakia is an excellent implant surgeon.